Yaw Damper (20.3)

Hi Everyone

First of all thank you for this (20.3) update, BUT;

If there is turbulence and wind variability and the oscillation caused by the aircraft,
Where is the “YAW DAMPER” Feature …?

I tried this on different planes and different routes and at different altitudes.
And every time the plane shakes unreasonably, too much …

It is absolutely necessary to bring Y / D (Yaw Damper) feature.

I would appreciate it if you consider it 👍
Good work…

Yaw Damper (info link)

Airbus Family

Boeing Family
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Roll Mode (general)

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You could vote for the Yaw Damper feature here ;)

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operation complete 👍😎
And here, explainingly, I wanted to draw attention to the issue.
Especially with the last update, it was a requirement.
Thank you.

Please discuss in existing feature request.