Yash_Prabhu’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I will open at VABB at 3pm IST, all atc instructions should be followed If I have done something wrong don’t forget to mention below, make sure to maintain 3nm horizontally and 1000ft vertically.

Time: 3pm IST
Server: Training Server
Frequency : Ground and Tower.



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When is it?🤔

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Do you mean 3nm Distance (Horizontal) separation and 1000ft Altitude (Vertical) separation?

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That’s 0930Z, right? I’ll try to be there.

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Sorry I got confused

I’ll edit and make it easier

Starting in 15 mins

Yes 9 30 UTC

Atc is open now ground and tower at VABB

Hi @Yash_Prabhu

Nice catch on the 1st gw conflict
The 2nd Giveaway Conflict was very late
The LUAW was unnecessary
I requested patterns and you cleared me for takeoff without any direction
Nice runway exit but you should concentrate on a GA as they get priroty.

Would highly recommend reading the ATC Manual. Please do tag me when you open for future sessions.

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Overall it was a nice session! 🙂 I have a few points for you (D-SEBA):

  • There was no need to use LUAW when I was ready for departure. If there is no conflict you can just clear for takeoff right away.

  • When you cleared me for the option, you did not have to include the pattern direction (make right traffic) as I was already given that direction in my takeoff clearance. Not a major issue of course. You must include the direction for inbounds and aircraft changing runways though!

  • I requested change to runway 32 but you denied it. There is no reason to deny when there is zero traffic. The best reply would have been to enter right downwind runway 32 followed by the clearance.

  • The immediate takeoff clearance for Ukraine International was not necessary. You should only use that if you’re about to lose separation to another aircraft.

  • The transition altitude at 5000 ft was too high. Take your airport elevation, add 2500 ft and round up to the next 500. That would have been 3000 ft.

  • After I called inbound for landing you cleared me right away and issued the pattern entry after the clearance. The order is always Pattern Instruction → (Sequence) → Clearance.

  • Aim for 70-80 kts for the runway exit command.

All of this can be fount in more detail and with more clarity in the ATC Manual. Ground was perfect! Feel free to tag me for your next sessions! 😀


Thank you very much for your feedback everyone I’ll try to work on it.

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hello, i belive this thread is not permitted as you are not in ifatc recruitment

I wanna be IFATC bruh that’s why I am here.

are you in teh recruitment process or
have you applied for IFATC/

Am getting some training then I will apply

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You need to apply for IFATC in order to make a tracking thread @Yash_Prabhu.

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IFATC has many talented and very skilled trainers who can train you after you give your theory test.

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