Y'all Gotta Congratulate Me :D 19.3 BLIND ILS SCARY LANDING!


Since 19.3 got out, I felt that it has cool features and that I’ve been too spoiled with using HUD’s and FPV’s from early on - so I decided to go realistic.


I have had ZERO landings since… Not only that, got downgraded due to violations, landing on taxiways, etc. Very soon I started to have doubts about myself, has IF now become unplayable for me?


So I moved to Solo and practiced, been missing for about a week from the server scenes… :P

And two nights ago finally I nailed it! Not by any means perfect, but didn’t crash or had the taxiway warning come up at least.

Well I’ve done better since, but the vid I’m showing you below was that first success.

Setting the weather visibility to impossible, I took off from RWY 09 at WADD, did a pattern and crashed several times. So the vid was actually in solo mode being repeated back to the last 2-3 minutes of its final leg - until I got it safely to the runway.

Please excuse my video qualities as it was made in a hurry but hope y’all could enjoy it, maybe press like or some sort, but most importantly - happy flying guys, cheers from Capt.JJ! :)

(Also regarding 19.3...)

The Captain view also posed a new challenge, I felt that it seemed more realistic now (as I saw on youtube how pilots must lean forward sometimes, so I re-learnt how to do my nose pitches as well.


Nice, like it. I have not done a ‘blind’ landing yet


Woah, that’s some skill!
EDIT: (oh I just saw the complete video)… Good try though!

Congrats! I subscribed to ;D


Thanks so much! Lol yeah I wanna keep it completely transparent on what happened :p been executing blind ILS better since tho, turns out it needs lots of practice throwing away everything I’ve known so far - learning to fly from scratch! (Including not relying on map view every 3 seconds)

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After never succeeding, I flew once on clear weather with both visual and ILS (still without HUD and FPV) - then going back to blind ILS while the memory is still fresh… somehow something just clicks, like an “A-ha!” moment.

Gotta try it, you’ll never know when you’ll need it someday :P

i.e. Cat III yet unbelievably busy EGLL and too late to latch on APPR in the end, after +30 mins roundabout holds with TSATC :) and I crashed short of RWY 09L due to pilot fatigue, no ILS training and ‘cough’ getthereitis syndrome ‘cough’

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Well done lad! Still working on getting the hang of the new instruments! 😂

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Half the time I crash on an approach in hi visibility. Well done in low visibility.

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I flew around the 320 for awhile yesterday and while I am able to maneuver and land pretty well without using HUD/FPV, if there’s any crosswind it becomes very difficult predicting the flight path of your aircraft.

Wow! That’s amazing, the weather really looks real. Cool!