Yakovlev Yak-42

The Yak-42 is a great trijet with a lot of great available liveries (Armavia, Aero Rent and Aeroflot to name a few) and there are a good few airlines still operating them. I think it would be great to see more Russian aircraft and more tri jets in IF, and this would kill two birds with one stone😄.


Tri-Jets would be awesome although I’d prefer the MD-11 or DC-10.To be a little adventurous II old also imagine the Lockheed Tristar.


Hopefully TRI-Jets are comming soon.

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Just another Russian Junker. A 1970 design tri-Jet with 13 strike crashes with fatalities of recorded, the last in 2011. Still in service in the 3D world and regionally in remote regions of RU. Like the MD-B 10/11’s & TriStar flawed design death trap earking out a living as tramps hauling trash. Max Sends

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Most crashes involving the Yak-42 were down to pilot error and poor maintenance by budget Russian operators.

One man’s opinions. Empirical evidence speaks volumes. Max Sends

Ps: The politically correct Crash investigation reports for each Strike Event is available at Aviation Safety Net. Com

Though many people may say the Yak 42 has a poor safety record as it was quite complicated to fly, only two of the crashes can be 100% blamed on a problem with the plane itself.

(I am extremely interested in the topic of air safety, as I worked for the AAIU for some time and I now work for a company that works with them frequently)