Ya got to Check/Set it every Sortie?

Weight & Balance, the routinely forgotten setting; I’ve followed the comments for awhile and note the repeaters. One common repeater is instability in flight, inability to keep the nose up on Approch or a late Flare causing the nose wheel to touch down first or a tail strike just before your controlled crash with the stall warning horn blaring ect. Let me suggest it not always improper trim, flap setting, angle of attach etc its improper loading and weight distribution which causes an off balanced center of gravity or over gross forward or aft situation. I recommend checking the “Weight & Balance” node which is located on the Calibration/Time of Day Screen in Live. Make sure you distribute the cargo between holds (the rear hold on most commercial aircraft holds the most and routinely run aft from the root). Take on only enough fuel + a reserve for the planned route to be flown. Finally consider the Gross Weight at Push Back. Two weights are shown, Max/Landing Gross. If you take off at Max Gross insure you adjust for fuel burn enroute. Your Landing weight must always be at or below the Landing Gross. Fly smart and for real, Just Sayin, Max Sends