"xxxx center, xxxx 175, with you descending through 23,800"

Hello IFC! The title basically explains it. But for an example…

“Boston Center, Southwest 175, with you descending through 23,800”


I looked everywhere in #features and I did not find any topic similar to this one. If you do, let me know. Thank you!

I think that is too similar on the incorrectly used “check in” while descending (in IF).

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Ik most people descend with stars, but in IRL, this is used

Edit: most of the time

I don’t understand what’s this is. Don’t this already in game?

It kind of is, but it’s with a star instead of altitude

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Nice idea. The only implementational problem I would see is that when an aircraft IRL calls in, it’s due to a handoff as they are climbing and descending to a specified altitude by ATC. Therefore ATC would need to assign an altitue for this feature to be implemented, and usually when center hands off to approach (which is commonly when this occurs along with departure to center) the pilots are following their own vertical and lateral navigation, unless it’s extremely busy and the traffic needs to be vectored. Would definitely love to see more of this though!

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