XVAO (Seeking Flight Staff)

Hey all,

(Not sure if this is the correct place to post this) XVAO is in the process of becoming a certified VAO through IFVARB and is now taking staff applications. You can view our staff page at https://xvao.org/staff (currently I’m the only member).

If you’re interested in a Virtual Aviation startup tailored to General Aviation and high-risk high-reward missions and flight navigation then I would love to hear from you. At XVAO, we love all things challenging. From high-altitude approaches in places like Lukla to island hopping in the Pacific, we exist to provide virtual pilots with realistic, well thought, and detailed missions that aren’t for your average commuter. If there’s adventure to be had, and it’s something that could be pulled off in the real world, we’ll fly it.

Visit our featured TBM9 tour or head on over to our routes page to see what XVAO is all about and if interested, send a PM to @Socata_1.


This is so cool!

I’d love to join, especially when you have your own website system for it (well as if all VA’s don’t, but you have style to this one!)

Sadly I’m already owner of a VA that is getting nowhere st the moment, but I won’t leave my staff.

The place to request your staff and positions when in IFVARB reviewal is here, my friend! You post in #live:va when you’re an approved VA recruiting pilots!


Thanks @Ecoops123. I cross posted. This topic can be deleted (I think a moderator has to do it?).

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This looks cool, good luck!