XVAO - Looking for some good help!

Hey all, I’m a few weeks into Infinite Flight and absolutely love it! I helped with a VA a LONGGG time ago in a simulator called FlightGear. Anyway, I’m in the development phase of XVAO. It’s very much still in development (this is not a ready to use website) as I’m creating content for it. I’m looking for a few good virtual pilots or atc operators who want to contribute some content, maybe get in on it early etc. I have an API key and will be doing some development work on an in-house tracker that awards points, etc to pilots who do come and fly XVAO routes, but that’s the future.

Here’s the vision:

At XVAO, we love all things challenging. From high-altitude approaches in places like Lukla to island hopping in the Pacific, we exist to provide virtual pilots with realistic, well thought, and detailed missions that aren’t for your average commuter.

If you think you have something to contribute content-wise (high altitude approaches, hard to land airports, any sort of challenging aviation, then shoot me a message or leave me a comment below. Also, I plan to strip the site that I linked to above to provide the community with an easy to use/deploy VA management platform that you don’t have to host yourself, pay for etc, so if you’re into open source stuff using ReactJS lemme know.



Good luck! You’re website is looking nice and sleek. Hope to see y’all flying the skies soon!

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Looking good, can’t wait to see this start up.

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Nice, but you can’t make a post like this unless you are in the IFVARB approval process. I’d check out the #live:va category for more info.

Thanks for the helpful info. I’ll go ahead and assume I don’t need permission to develop software of any sort (as I was already granted an API key) but I’ll definitely give the category you linked a look over.

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ZKPY is a cool airport, although it’s in North Korea, the mountains make it a nice approach.

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I’ll check it out! I’ve done a google search for things like 10 most dangerous airports, ten most highest airports etc. My end goal is give the community some high quality GA content (with real world approaches, procedures etc) that’s more than just kicking AP mode in. I’m hoping to the infinite flight API, to track how closely pilots actually followed procedures and award them points/rank based on that with the org.

And I HAVE NO IDEA, but if there’s the ability to do some sort of automated PIREP system I’m going to attempt to develop that as a part of all of this as well.