XVAO - Coming Soon (Preview of a Ferried Flight Mission using the TBM9)

I’ve been working on a website on and off over the last year to provide roll-playing content for the Infinite Flight community. Hoping to make it live in the next few weeks. Here’s a screenshot from a ferried flight mission (mimicking a real-world operation).

It might eventually turn into a VA of sorts but for now, I’m just creating content. One more screenshot for the skies…


Awesome, it looks like you put a lot of work into this - I can’t wait to see the finished product!


It’s a fun side project. Automated METAR, mapping etc. Working on connected it to a database so people can save PIREPs.


This looks really cool - I can’t wait to see this when completed!


Well this is looking pretty good ! 😁✈️

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I finished out the Ferried Flight mission at https://xvao.org/tours/tbm9-france-california.

This site is still a work in progress but that page and the links on it should work for anyone that wants to attempt the tour.

I think this belongs in #thirdparty, but I may be wrong.

Great stuff, looks awesome!

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Awesome! Can I use it for solo too?

If a mod want’s to move it please do so! I could probably move it. I’ll check.

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Yes. Always free.
The idea behind the site is to provide content and track it if you’d like. I’m not sure I want to get into the VA scene of things but maybe.

My first foray into the flight sim scene was with Microsoft YEARS ago and I always appreciated the “mission” side of things and problem solving involved. I’d like to do the same thing with XVAO.


Well the website looks fabulous mate! I’m looking forward to using it in my solo flights to liven up my IF experience 👌


Still have a lot to do but it’s a start. The routes page (https://xvao.org/routes) has a few different things to get started on.

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This sounds amazing and I can’t wait! I love the TBM, and keep trying to do a ferry flight from CYTZ, to EGMD… Or EGMD-CYVR… 🤔

Either way, I’m super excited for this!!!

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Pushed another update up to https://xvao.org. Site is STILL in a heavy development phase so don’t expect your data to last until, but feel free to play around and provide feedback!

I’ve added a flight planner based on the routes that are available on XVAO so far. Tick them off in your Dashboard (still a bug or too to fix).

Working on making it work with live flight tracking next so you can save your flight data to your completed flight plans.


Currently doing the ferried flight from it on my own, first leg was challenging with the wind. Are there any requirements to register?

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Looks absolutely great!
I don’t know if you’re already trying to do that, but some sort of ProjectFly for Infinite Flight would be awesome!

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Wow this is one of the best things I’ve seen come to infinite flight. Really cool to see some one take their time and effort to help people… Really cool man I hope it works out really well for you.

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Nope. Just login using the current login options.

Hi @Socata_1

Does the website have a secure connection? (For I do not wish hackers to intercept my google account details)

Yes. It should automatically be https and it’s hosted on Netlify.com which automatically does the encryption with letsencrypt.

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