Xvalespx’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

This my first ATC tracking thread.
I’m at LIPZ till 2000Z.
Runways in use: 4L and 4R


Stepping by for some patterns @xvalespx

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Hi, G-PMKY here.

I was quite impressed that on a first session with one aircraft in a pattern your handling is good and your calls are correct. However, when you have more than one present you mustn’t forget the necessary calls:

  • Pattern entry (inbound or runway change) or traffic direction (first clearance)
  • Sequence (if not first in line)
  • Clearance

You neglected to sequence several times, and used “extend downwind” to get control the pattern. You should sequence early so pilots know who they’re following. That makes downwind extensions unnecessary.

(You’d use a downwind extension if you were altering the pattern and needed a gap, such as inserting another inbound into the pattern ahead.)

Your ground control was good and transition altitude fine, no problems there. Good work, keep it up! It would be good if you can solve your connection issues too, I don’t think they were helping you much.


Hey @xvalespx!
Feedback for LUF001:
-Only issue was a little bit early Exit Comand

Everything else was perfect! Keep up the good work! 🍻

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Hey @Jan_W.
I’m happy that my work was good for you.
I will try to improve!
Thank you for the feedback and for attending.
Hope to see you again too in my next ATC session.

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Hey @powdarrmonkey. It was my very first time with 4 o more aircrafts in the pattern so I was a bit overloaded😅 and I messed up with sequencing. And the poor WiFi added more confusion.

Thank you for the feedback and for attending.
Hope to see you again for my next ATC session.

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Hi, good session!

Some remarks:


  • I requested a transition 10nm before entering the airspace, however you didnt respond.
  • I requested a transition again while I was deep in your airspace, since you didnt respond the first time. Try to be aware of your airspace.(I do understand you had it busy).
  • I’m not sure but you gave me an altitude of 2500, but I think it should’ve still been 3000.
    (Airport elevation is 7ft (round up to 500ft) +2500 =3000ft, since you always need to round up to the next 500ft)


  • After takeoff I got a left pattern instruction. I was overtaking a spitfire on my left also on left downwind. Than you issued a ‘extend downwind’ for the spitfire. This made it a little unclear whats going to happen next. Maybe try and issue a sequence for us both sooner, so it would’ve been immediately clear who’s first and who’s second. (You did sequence, but a little late when I was on base and the spitfire turning on final when it was already obvious)

Runway exit:

  • Was too late (at 35kts), but I understand you we’re busy so not a big deal, but can be critical during practical.
  • You gave me the wrong direction asking to ‘Exit runway on right’. There was only a taxiway on the left side. I waited (and also turn right a little bit) to see if you would correct, but you didn’t. This made the plane behind me make a go around (sorry 'bout that, my fellow pilot 😅)
  • As an exit command, would have been nice to let me cross runway first, before sending me to ground frequency. You can do this by choosing the other option for command (‘Air Berlin 2615, exit runway on left, cross runways 4L and contact ground on the taxiway’)

Hope this help you get ready for IFATC!
Good luck💪👍


I would say 2500ft is a perfect transition altitude.


7’ is barely higher than my head, personally I would round that one down not up.

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Hi @NL-Maxis!
I would have liked to have given you the transition as soon as you asked me but I couldnt give you the cleareance since the green button did not appear the first time (also I didn’t find it anywhere else). Also, I thought 2500 ft was enough since the airport altitude is 7ft.

Sequencing is a real pain for me 😂 I’m trying to improve.

About runway exit: probably I tapped the wrong button and I didn’t realise it. About the crossing runway, I thought about that just a moment after I gave you the exit runway.

Thank you for your precious feedback and for attending. Hope I can see you in my next ATC session

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Hey there.
I’m open now till 2100Z at LHBP.

Runways in use: 13L and 13R

Hi, G-PMKY here. I would suggest you let inbounds calling in once they’ve crossed a downwind carry on and overfly the airport and enter the opposite pattern. This avoids doubling back and risking fouling up the departure end of the runway for outbounds. For me then, that would have been a left downwind for 13L.

Everything else was fine although there was no other traffic to sequence.

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Hey @powdarrmonkey.
Thank you, nice advice, I will follow it.
I’m sorry there was no traffic.
I expect you tomorrow in another airport!

Have a nice day!

I’m open now at UTAA.
Runways in use: 12L and 12R

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Hey I was A4O-KJ
On my second touch and go you didn’t clear me for the option or land, hence the go-around. At one stage I was dangerously close to G-PNKY but other than that it was all good :)

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Hey @Kai_Jessat
Thank you for attending.
Oh sorry about not clearing you for the option and for the go around overall. I even told you avoid send duplicate messages, that was a really stupid mistake.
Thank you for your feedback. Hope to see you again in my next ATC sessions

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For sure :)

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I’m open now at LEBL.

Runways in use: 25R and 25L

No issues for me this time, really good work. You’ve obviously taken on board previous feedback and it shows in your planning and awareness.

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Thank you @powdarrmonkey.
This feedback from you means a lot for me!
Hope to see you on my next ATC session!