XPs not counting correctly


my XPs for flights are not counting correctly.

For few days, I remember I was still feeling like only few XPs to 100k XP. It was every day like 99k and something XP. But it was still not 100k. And also the number was not like changing after every flight (there was some animation from XP before to the amount after the flight), there was just one number not changing.

I was okay with that, I did not think that anything is wrong. But today, after an flight from Vienna to Amsterdam, I earned 1003 XP, but I have only 98700 XP after that. I am sure, I had more than 99000 XP before, but I dont have any screenshot.

Please, help! Thank you.


This is the only screenshot I have, taken after todays flight.



If the XP is stated on the summary, you can be pretty sure it has been correctly updated to your profile.
It’s also continuously updated on your account during the flights.


Thanks, but I am really 100% sure that yesterday I had 99000+ XP. But today it is less. I dont know where is the problem.


The XP can’t decrease unless someone actually removes it from your account, which is not the case here.
Not to sound like i don’t believe you, but it’s more likely you got a digit or two confused :)


Ok, you can close this now.