Xplane mobile vs Infinite Flight

So there is a big discussion going on, along what is better; Xplane Mobile or IF.

Here I will be comparing who is better in certain aspects like scenery, graphics, textures, etc.

First aspect:

This is a really tricky one because if the fact that X plane does not have satellite imagery but has 3d cities and buildings. On the other hand, IF has satellite imagery but it is quite blurry and hard to see. But for the airports, X plane is the clear winner. Its runways are very detailed and just the textures are also just right. So looks like xplane won the scenery aspect.

1-0 for xplane

Next we have aircraft.
IF does have a much much greater aircraft selection that xplane, but it is also true that most of the xplane planes compared to the IF are much higher in quality. Here is an example of the a330 in both sims:

As you can see, the xplane a330 is much better and more realistic. However, since infinite flight has a lot more planes and more variety, IF gets the point for this.


Next we have systems.
For this there definitely is a clear winner and it is xplane because of just the extremely detailed aircraft and interactive cockpit. The new a330 mcdu is also fully functional which is just crazy.

2-1 xplane.

Next we have physics.

For this topic, I know many people will disagree with me but X plane has been known for the best physics in flight simulator. This also though depends on what aircraft you use as well, because for example, the a320 in xplane has bad physics , but so does the a340 as well. But I do think that xplane gets the win for this because of the flight model function and the newer better aircraft.

3-1 xplane

Next topic: community
This is also just an incredibly clear winner IF. I’m not even sure if xplane even has a community. But for this, IF takes the win.


Next topic: ATC

This is also just a clear winner, IF. This kinda adds on to the community aspect as well because if the application to become an ATC member. Xplane ATC is really bad, because nobody knows how to use it and all you get is people spamming messages at you.

Final score: 3-3

Both simulators are very great and have pros and cons, if I missed something or you disagree, please tell me in the comments where and why. Thanks!


To be honest, what I see in your image comparisons immediately triggers why I left Xplane. There is a reason IF is rated nearly a third higher than Xplane.

Sorry, just a bit weary of these comparison topics.


The textures of the a330 in xplane are a lot better though and the controls are a lot more realistic. Because for me, the surfaces look like plastic in infinite flight.


This is the only reason why I chose IF over Xplane!! And the staff and IFC are way more nicer than them!!


I appreciate people have differences in taste. I’m done with this topic, thanks.

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Calm down (10 char)


No tension. All peace. I respect your opinion:) (I didn’t mean to be rude, I just meant, my last comment here)

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In the early days @IF787 and @Shane were offering me free cookies, so I had to check it out. 🤷

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Xplane is literally a PC/Desktop flight simulator transfered the easiest way to mobile. It’s more like a cheap trial on mobile for the real deal


Xplane Mobile is not as intuitive as IF. Sure, you have working buttons (if I remember correctly), but IF is easier to use.

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IF will always beat any other mobile flight sim because of one thing: Ease of use. It’s simple to play, sure you have to practice before you get the hang of it but it will get so much easier and entertaining. The ease of ATC communication is great, plus the community itself is alive and active. IF has so much more potential from what it is at right now. If it were to receive a greater amount of developers and members to support its projects, IF could most likely beat Xplane by a lot more and gain lots of attention from other mobile users.


I’ve compared Infinite Flight to many other mobile simulators, including the ones that come out each year, yet something still draws me back to Infinite Flight.

XPlane has something missing with complete and updated textures and maintaining the complete and well-rounded UI. Something that Infinite Flight continues to improve on.

I’d disagree on this end. Our airports are improving past competitors and becoming more detailed thanks to the IFAET team. Constantly pioneering new techniques for building up an airport on the 2D and 3D levels. The editor will continue to improve in the coming years, allowing us to improve current airports.

Does this analysis include the PC version of the game? The last time I checked on the mobile version, they added no new aircraft physics, and the physics still doesn’t feel right on any aircraft. It seems they just put random numbers and hope no one will notice.

Overall, I think Infinite is better than XPlane Mobile by a long shot. That has not been updated in years to correct or add anything. Yet Infinite continues to push the boundaries of what is possible on a mobile simulator while improving textures and adding liveries, airports, and aircraft.

This is all personal opinion.


I never knew X Plane mobile added the A330 but when I looked at it it was very well made with a custom and authentic A330 sound. Weather is also good in X Plane but in IF the fact that there is so much aircraft to offer and ATC etc just makes it better

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