XP what ..

What exactly the XP?..Way Points maybe!

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Could you please elaborate what you mean?

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I like to think of it as a level of skill that someone is credited fying safely. Like realistic reward points. Unless your trolling 😂

It’s how much experience you have but then converted to points and grades. (:

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I am grade 1 end 8,665 XP…what dose it mean?

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Read the topic linked by Chris. It’s basically a factor to calculate grades. Grades are level of experience in my opinion, various factors help you gain the next grade which can be seen on the grade table.

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thank you and I apologize for the poor knowledge of the English language

You get xp when you do a flight

If you are talking about what XP means, it means Experience Points. In this case you have 8,665 EXperience Points

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Have we answered your questions now? And it’s not your fault you struggle with English, no need to apologise.

thank you all, I was satisfied