XP the fastest way

Hi there. Need advice on how to earn more XP in a shorter time. Thanks

Patterns and touch and go’s are the best way.

Or really long flights


Pattern work and touch and goes works best.

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Do touch and go’s, if you want it to be easy then do it in the casual server


Do pattern work. You can earn over 1,000 XP in less than 20 minutes.


Go to EHAM and do touch and goes for like thirty minutes…BEST WAY EVER!! lol I gained I think overall of 5k XP over the course of a few days. Just takeoff from any runway and land on any runway, turn around and takeoff and land on a different runway…
Repeat as many and as long times as needed

There are already several topics about this…


I do them at EGLL I take off at 27R then land at 09R then I land at 27R it’s basically a circle for me

I don’t even bother with circles lol I just takeoff and usually there is a runway in the exact direction I’m headed so I land there and do a 180 and do it all over again

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