XP server redoing

Due to the increase on expert to 50,000 XP many people who are below 50,000 followed rules but it makes sense. However the training server is a mess. With the new update a second training server was added which I have never seen more than a few planes on. I think it should be a middle server for
-25,000 or level 2
This would be help to bridge the gap between the Expert and Training.


There are many solutions to fixing the expert server problem but the devs have taken the easy way out which means the trolls win. Yea i agree with you, it would be a server where you apply to be ATC, but it’s less than expert server but more qualified than Training server.


I think this could be implemented. A rank would supervise multiple frequencies and even unicom. Instead of raising the requirements and btw most of the people above 50k XP are trolls, they just leave the device on and fly all night.

This could be a pretty good idea.

Its a valid idea. Especially now that school has started the volume has gone down during the week. We need to look at the weekend numbers and see. But it would help to balance the load out.

this would kill the expert server

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Right!! instead of decreasing the amount of realistic players on the expert server, introduce a rank to regulate frequencies such as unicom and tower to make sure no one is being a troll.

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A multitude of options were discussed here. See Tylers message closing the topic.