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Just a question does anyone know do you get more or the same XP for a small airplane going long distance vs large aircraft going the same distance. Eg cessna travelling 600 miles vs B737 travelling 600 miles considering the cessna wI’ll take a lot more time. Thanks.

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No, you’ll probably get the same


You would get more xp on 600 mile flight with a Cessna, because it takes longer. The longer you fly, the more XP you get.


Just do patterns on small airports, you will get more XP than you expect.

That’s what I thought thanks for that. I’m nearly on expert is it better on that server I like to fly better and I hope I’ll get that from expert to many flyers on training not taking it seriously cutting in from of you ignoring atc commands

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Cheers I’ll do that…

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If you want to quickly get XP do touch and go’s

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What is the expert server like is it good. Is there any people messing on there or do they take it seriously

Expert = a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.

On the Expert server the rules are strictly enforced. So yes, there will be almost no one crashing into you or smth like that.

People take it seriously. If they don’t and ATC is active they will be ghosted. I won’t lie though, there are still noobs but nothing like the training server. Just make sure you know the rules and how to use ATC before hand.

That’s good can’t wait to level up so

Good to know hope to see ye on the expert level some day 👍👍👍👍

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I see your English I’m Irish so we might cross flight paths over uk/Irish airspace lol

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XP is calulated first by the anount of time flown, (10XP for every 1min of flight) and then for each landing (usually 100XP, but this does change depending on difficulty of the landing)

A good way to gain not only XP but also some good basic flying skills, is to use the C172 and spend 15mins flying patterns at a suitable airport.

For a 15min flight where you manage to land 10 times you could earn earn 1150 XP (10x15min = 150 + 10x100 = 1000). Plus also importantly you gain good experince in flying an aircraft and learning how to use UNICOM at the airport.

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If you were to hand fly, (no autopilot) you would earn XP. But the amount would stay the same.

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