XP Rules…?

I’m curious what equation/function/method do IF calculate your XP after flights?

For in-flight XP:
Fuel consumption? Flight time? Distance? Response to ATC? Or else?

For landing XP:
Touchdown VS? Type of aircraft used? Airport? Or else?
(I had experienced +500XP with C208 and then +200XP with E190 in the same pattern work)

What exactly is XP calculated from?

XP in flight is calculated using 1 minute of flight time equals 10xp. For landings it’s based on winds and possibly the aircraft’s vertical speed and relation to the centerline, I’m not positive about the last two factors I mentioned.

Those are the ones I know about but it’s possible there are other factors as well

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This should help you:

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So what factors decides the landing XP though?

I know the game “carrier landing HD” gives a detailed account on factors of your landing with a score.

Are there any method similar to that here?

Winds, your relationship with the centerline and touchdown zone, and smoothness of landing.

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Got it Thanks 😊

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Thanks!😁 😁

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