XP reset/XP set to 0

Dear infinite FLIGHT
I am this game player my live is deadline,then I buy again ,then my grade has change to 0。。。

It may be because you may have flown outside the region.
It may also be advisable to read this-


Did you purchase live on the same account?? And also can you give us a screenshot of your grade and flight time, do, landings.

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this should be in support so that some one will see it and help you

Restart IF, I doubt its a violation of flying outside the region because the Flight time is not reseted

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I can imagine you have flown outside a region. Please read this

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Just to be upgraded, if you’re found flying out of the regions, you’ll have a reset of your XP.
Be careful

It is likely you’ve bought the new live on a different account. Make sure you have bought the new live on the same Google or Facebook account, otherwise the game will not see your prior subscription and XP.

EDIT: It clearly shows your flight time and therefore this ^^^ is not the region. It was likely a ToS violation reset due to inter region flights

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Can’t you guys see that his Online Flight time isnt reseted? When you fly outside the region your Flight time will be resetted

No it isn’t, it says your XP will be reset and you’ll be ghosted.

XP=/=Flight Time

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Try and reset your device, close and then reopen IF, sign out of IF account and then sign back in. It works for me.


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Saying this multiple times doesn’t make it more true than the first time you said it.


Anyway, this is something that’s gonna have to be fixed or the issue determined by the internal support team. The community-at-large is just gonna guess. I would send an email to support@infinite-flight.com or a PM to @ Support (no space after @)

[Thanks to whoever fixed my email error @schyllberg I guess]


I saw this on Infinite tracker the other day. Might this be the cause?