XP Reform

This has been covered some in different topics but I do not believe this has had an entire topic dedicated to it yet. I believe that the XP system needs a rework. I think we can all say that we would rather be given XP based on the professionalism of our flight rather than hours flown or T and G’s conducted. Flight time and T and G’s should be considered but not to the ends that flying from one end of the map to the other or preforming hours of T and G’s around one airport result in the most XP rewarded. Since most of us don’t have 10’s of hours to rack up XP I propose a different system, a reform. (The rest of this post should be in features but since I am TL1 I cannot place it there) This new system will be centered around the professionalism of your flight. It will still consider flight hours and T and G’s but to a lesser extent. Instead it would focus on how effectively you communicated with ATC, the professionalism of your takeoff, accent, cruise, decent, and landing or touch and go. It would also monitor and grade you on the use of your lights, flaps, gear, and trim. I think this would be a much more effective grading system then grinding out hours of flight especially for those who do not have lots of time. Now I’m sure I missed some things the system could grade pilots on so feel free to give me some constructive criticism. Also I realize this is a big rework to the XP system and that this may be a large project for the devs, but I strongly feel that the XP system needs to be reevaluated in some form or another.

How would that be done? Also what about XP on the casual server and what if people don’t want to use trim?

But I do agree that the system needs an overhaul for global.

EDIT: shouldn’t this also be in features? It seems like a bit of features and live though so correct me if I’m wrong.

This should be in #features
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