XP Rates On IF

XP Rates

Hi Everyone, I am working on a little project, and I am wondering how much points you get for different parts of flight, or if its based of the quality of said parts of flight. If anyone knows the formula for XP that would be much appreciated. Can the answers please be numerical

PS: Unless the formula is someone where else I couldn't find, this may be good for future reference.

Our Research so far:

  • Normal Flying time formula

    So we’ve already covered the fact that every minute of flight accumulates **10 XP** based on the aforementioned comments above. Knowing this we have to convert the hours to minutes by multiplying the flight hour(s) by 60. 1 hour x 60 = 600 XP. Then you just multiply the remaining time (35 minutes by 10) equalling 350 XP which will be added to the 600 we found above. In our example we flew for a total of 95 minutes equating to 950 XP of Flight Time.

    Credit: @Levet

I can’t give you a full answer as I don’t know, however based on what I’ve seen, landings impact XP the most. Doing about 50 T&G’s (yes, I’ve done that) gives you about 10,000 XP.

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Depends on: Amount of landings, winds, flight time etc… Have no clue what the formla is and probably the staff want to keep it that way :)

This post from this thread below shows how XP is calculated.

That good for just your normal flight, but pattern work is probably a different formula.

Thats really useful! Unfortunately it still doesn’t provide a formula for the landing, and rather an estimate.

I believe that difficult crosswind yield more points!

Well, nowhere in the op’s post did it talk about pattern work, but I just thought it would be good to have/know.

If you want I can remove the post.

No, that’s very useful for the cruise state xp.

What are we looking for? The answer to the inquiry has been provided already. Topic is on the block for closure right now.

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Formula for flight time has been provided, as has been said the “answer” only provides formula for flight time, not for differing weather, landing, ect.

The formula has not been disclosed by the developers. I doubt it will be shared because it doesn’t serve a purpose. XP does not represent skill really. I’ve seen some 5 million XP pilots who don’t know how to use Unicom…

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Thats why I am trying to find it out, if anyone else has figured it out…

Response to your edit: I am not trying to find skill, I am trying to find the formula for XP.

Yes and as mentioned, that formula has not been disclosed. That said, hunting for it does not warrant a topic. This would be better off done solo or with a group of individuals that would like to participate.

XP formula which was shared by PilotDog is not just for cruise. Also takes into account landings. Any other specific variables you’re looking for will and should be done on another medium other than a public topic. Additional, original post was not specific as OP was looking for the formula for landings and the factors winds and other forces would have on landings. Keep this in mind in the future. We can only provide and assist with answering questions when you give us a limited topic to work off of. Thanks and have a great day!

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