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Hey guys! So I have all the things checked off for Grade 3. All I need is XP. I am only at 10,000 XP since I started on this game 3 days ago. I meet the minimum flight hours and everything. I was wondering, do I warn more XP doing landings and landings and landings. Or do you earn more XP just flying super long flights. Give me an @ Thanks so much!


You can earn more XP when you do long haul flights

If you’re time sensitive, you can do pattern work at any airport of your liking. You can really rack up XP in that short amount of time


Practicing Touch & Goes is the best thing you could do.
You would enhance your landing skills AND earn a lot of XP at the same time.

Oh, a tip, doing Touch & Goes with a fair amount of crosswind gets you more XP.


Oh, does it! Oooh, I’ll remember that!

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Touch and goes. Go in a a320 or a 737 to BIKF do some patterns and you’ll be at grade 3 in no time.

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@Cam_E I was in the same situation as you - best airport is KNRC (in the USA desert) it has the best placement of runways and you can do loads of touch and goes and I worked out you can do a landing every 1 min - and you’ll get loads of xp doing that sort of flying

so; in summary, go to airport KNRC and the best aircraft to use is the Cessna Citation X, and not on the training server (always use casual server) otherwise you’ll run the risk of picking up violations etc that will negatively impact your xp and ratings.

happy flying!

The best way to earn xp is by doing long hauls or ultra long hauls. I have been playing the sim for about 2.5 years now, and I only do LHs or ULHs, and I have 4,000,000 XP with 6.1K hours logged This is not to brag about my stats, just giving an example is all!

How many landings?

About 600 landings cumulatively, but my total online flights is somewhere around 1900 (I obviously don’t finish many flights for various reasons 😂)

I’m also grade 3 if it isn’t obvious, because of the 90 day landing count 😂

So the game you’re playing has to do more with getting XP than actually learning to fly. 😜

Yes it does seem that way 😆

But all jokes aside, the reason I may end a flight mid way is because I may other priorities or I may just be too tired to complete a 45 minute approach, especially when it’s in the middle of the night.

What I do pride myself in is that I fly mostly realistic routes with realistic procedures. I rarely do a flight that is not realistic or isn’t a potential route that I could see an airline serving (ex: Southwest from YSSY-YPPH 😣). I am, as the IFC says, a “realism police” 😂

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It’s not!

Doing T&G’s can get you 10,000 XP an hour.

That’s not possible with ultra long hauls.

You do have to fly those yourself though instead of taking off, switching on the autopilot and go to sleep. 😜

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That may be true, but I still believe that you could get a more complete experience by doing ULHs rather than just T&Gs. Now does it yield the same amount of XP per hour? Depends on the length of the flight and the parameters encountered, but if you are in it for a more complete experience, definitely try ULHs.

As the title suggests however, if you want the FASTEST way possible, I guess T&Gs may be the way as @Jan has been pointing out (I do not know as I obviously don’t have much experience with a T&G)

You should really try it.

You really get a feel for the aircraft and perfecting takeoff and landing procedures, and of course the actual touchdown, is really rewarding.

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@Cam_E Hello! I did a overnight flight today from VABB to KORD and I got 8k XP! I think that you should to long hauls or to touch and goes that will also give you alot of XP. I hope this helps :)

@Elefanths Thanks so much! I realized that it is way smarter to plug in your device, put it on auto pilot, and just sleep and wake up in the morning instead of having to sit somewhere all day. Thank you so much!

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MaxSez: “Farming” is a Fraud! Providing guidance to someone on how to Farm Is Adding and Abetting. I question the Morals of all Farmers & their co-conspirators!


You don’t learn anything from close patterns in a xcub.
Keep flying, do some T&Gs, look up the ATC tutorials and be in contact with ATC. While TS usually aren’t great, it’s still a learning experience.

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