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Hey everyone, I happen to have a question that I can’t find the answer to. When you lose Infinite Flight pro does you XP stay with you or do you lose it along with landings and flight time in 90 days? (Now of course you would only lose the landings and flight time after 90 days.)


They should stay with your account. I remember taking a break a year back and came back to my same xp

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Awesome. Thanks Drummer. I’m glad to be able to keep my XP.

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They will be kept as part of your account record for the stats like XP, landing counts and total FT as well viols.
The only thing will be gone is the grade if you stop flying esp for over 90 days as it is determined by the current activity!/usage in past 90 days to maintain grades

That’s even better. Glad I’ve been flying daily on solo for the past 7 months. I will be ready for Expert server again once I get landings and flight time back up. And read the tutorials on how to communicate with IFATC again.

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It can’t be easy for you flying on solo only for past 7 months! But no pro subscription make things difficult I guess @Zhopkins

It has been hard. I’m looking forward to flying once again on a live server. Thanks once again for the help @Drummer and @tjb0709.


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