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Hi everyone, I’m quite new and have a question regarding XP. I checked some old threads and YouTube videos on how to increase XP and found that the doing repeated landings in a Spitfire or long-haul flights using the autopilot seem to be the most efficient way, however, neither of those methods are appealing to me and to be honest don’t seem to be a good measure of pilot experience, as landing a Spitfire is hardly difficult, and long-haul autopilot flights are done mostly while asleep. So, do any of the following increase XP?

  1. Flying and landing a variety of different aircraft;
  2. Doing a flight without using the autopilot;
  3. Correct approach before landing;
  4. The smoothness of flight, such as in banking and climb/descent;
  5. Flying on the Training Server as opposed to the Casual Server;
  6. Activating the system controls in the correct time window;
  7. Or anything else I might have missed?

It would be really nice to have a breakdown of the XP at the end of the flight to see exactly where I went wrong and how I could improve the flight. It would also add longevity to the sim.

Also, just a quick side question. Am I right in thinking that when I can’t click on the runway start waypoint (it’s sometimes greyed-out) that it means that my plane is too big for the runway?

The airport weather doesn’t seem to be working either, as it often says ‘Not available’, not sure if that’s a bug or I’ve missed something; it does show in the top-right of the corner a green tick saying the weather is working though.

Also, just a final question while I’m here. On one of the loading screens, it says the UI is customizable by clicking the hud option in the settings, but I couldn’t find this button. Whereabouts is it? I use an iPad and it’s awkward to control the rudder, and likewise with the throttle when the reverse thrust is applied, as both are positioned on the edges and both are required at the same time during the landing.

Thanks in advance, Jon.

The two things that get you the most XP are lots of landings, and doing really long flights.


Heres a great reply by the one and only Levet which covers how XP works:


Seems like everyone else has covered the basics of your actual question. So - welcome to the community! Everyone here is super welcoming and supportive, and of course we all share the same passion! I’ve been here for about three years (with some notable absences) so feel free to message me or anyone else if you have any questions.

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Welcome to the community!

  1. No.
  2. No.
  3. No.
  4. No.
  5. No.
  6. No.

In Live, you must start your flight from a spawn location, such as hangars, gates, or hardstands. You can only spawn on the runway in Solo.

Just wait a little bit for the weather. If it’s consistently not loading, quit the flight and reload. If that doesn’t work, try switching to an alternate internet connection.

You can change the HUD by going to Systems > HUD. You can switch it to full, minimum, or off.

The two main factors in gaining XP are landings and flight time, as @baseball_inferno said.

Once again, welcome to the community! I hope this answers your question. Happy flying!


@Altaria55 Not true. Some smaller municipal airports (I’m from SLC so I’ll use U42 or KPVU as example) will start you directly on the runway. It’s annoying. You have to taxi off the runway to create a flight plan or adjust weight, etc or take off quickly to avoid being ghosted for sitting on an active runway.

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@Chris_from_Utah that is because those airports are unedited.

Yes, airports which have not been edited by the IF Airport Editing team. Or airfields that are just a runway, nothing more.

You can also customize what you see at the bottom of the HUD by long pressing on the tile and selecting a new value. For example you may want to see distance to the next waypoint instead of distance to destination.

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@Altaria55 @Sashaz55 New to IF pro - what do you mean unedited? Like the programmers just haven’t gotten around to designing every airport in the world already?

Majority of the airports are standard, Just the runways with not gates or taxiways. They all need to be reworked which the IFAET are currently doing.

The IF Airport Editing Team update airports around the globe. Not every airport is fully detailed.

Go look at all of the current projects here: https://community.infiniteflight.com/search?q=Project%20%23thirdparty%3Adeveloper

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@Hamza.N Thanks for the feedback

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Thanks everyone for your answers. Just to clarify when I said click on the way point at the start of the runway I forgot to mention that was at my final destination of the flight when setting the flight plan, and not the start spawn point. But it may be greyed-out for another reason so not to worry. Thanks.


IFAE and IFAET are two separate organizations :)

Ah yes, I forgot the ‘T’. I have corrected.

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The airport has to have a weather frequency (most likely ATIS) in it to tell you the weather, you can tell if an airport has a weather frequency if the airport symbol has a colored dot in the middle that can be light blue, red, or most often green indicating the current weather conditions. You can check other nearby airports for METAR conditions if the one you are at doesn’t have one.

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