XP Problem


I have been doing short island hopper flights lately to gain more xp, but it seems like all of the data from the flight (xp, flight time, replay, etc) doesn’t get saved on my phone. It might be because of an unstable internet connection, but it has happened while I had internet. Please help me fix this.

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Internet connection must be there for you to gain xp, if your trying to see your xp go up in flight it won’t work it gets added after the flight ends. I would try to restart your device and see if that fixes the problem then if that doesn’t work I always just delete and reinstall the app (not needed often) which always works for me or it’s just taking some time to update

Thank you for your input!

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@NuggetFornia Hi there! Can you please confirm that you were on a live server? Or were you playing in Solo? If you were in solo mode, no replays, no xp, no landings will be added to your stats.

The game saves replays even if your in solo

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