XP Problem

Hi Everyone! I hope you can help me today, some of my XP won’t show up (No I did not fly out of the region) I am supposed to be in Grade 3 Now but I am still Grade 2 IF says no but the IF Website I am in Grade 3 Now but could my Max Violation for one day (3) have affected my XP I lost like around 2500 XP here are the pics to show you how confusing this is.

Pics didn’t render yet. Please edit and add them again. Thanks

Also, if you haven’t exceeded any violation limit, please wait around 24 hours for your grade to change. It sometimes takes time for the server to process it.

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I didn’t exceed the 1 Day Limit but not the 3 but the website pic says I am in Grade 3 but not the IF but I think I get what you mean

can you go ahead and click on the “i” next to your grade in the app and send a pick of that please :)

The server can take time for it to register, be patient and wait up to 24 hours for it to show. Thanks!


Ok Thanks I just needed a second opinion too since someone else also told me something similar as I had exceeded my Max Violation for 1 Day. I guess I am excited for Expert.

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haha, yeah. Wait for your violation to go down and you should see your grade change in no time, happy flying!

Alright Thanks Shouldn’t be much longer now.