XP Points

My question is do certain planes offer more points than others? Or are the points just based on good flying, following ATC, and good landings?

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The best/fastest way to get XP is pattern work, as you get more XP for every landing, because you are actually there flying the plane. Doing long hauls also work quite well, but take up a lot of time. To answer your first question, no, all planes offer the same amount of XP.


Just adding on, landing quality is also calculated In the amount of do you receive. Landing in windy conditions will also increase this.


Didn’t know that, that is actually some nice info to know. Thanks!


Thank you! Happy landings!

Lots of helpful info in the comments of this topic 👍🏻😉


I was curious if different aircraft had different XP involved with them? Ive actually never thought about it since being here ha

Assuming from this convo thats a definitive no?


I guess it based on the pilot’s skill.

Partially yes. Especially on landing. Smoothness and present winds with gusts and relative heading to your aircraft being prime factors.

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Will you get more xp for landing without APPR mode? Or vice versa?

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