XP Points-Ways to get them?

Hello to all people. I just got live and im the playground server but Im a serious pilot and i want to go to the good ones. Which one is the best way to earn XP points so i can pass to the next step?

Thanks and happy landings.


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Hi Gea welcome to the forums.

The easiest way to get XP is by doing lots of touch and goes. I usually do them on the free flight server so I can go quicker without having to worry about ATC

This might help to. I wanted to know this a while back

Thanks for the Info it will be very useful. Also i see you are in a team. Im from Spain. How can i get a team and what benefits will give me?

Thanks for all

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The team is for the Infinte flight Olympics. Sorry it’s to late to join now the events have already started

It won’t give any benefits it’s just for fun

And when is going to be more of them? I mean the events.

I’ll send you a private message about it. Sorry we should remain on topic

Ok thanks man