XP per landing

So I was finally in the mood to calculate my XP to landing ratio, came in at 158.5 XP per landing
Is that good, bad, average?
Not sure what the “normal” is

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The answer is: No one knows!
If someone is doing mainly night pattern work at high crosswinds he would have a significant higher average then you.
If one is doing only daylight APPR no winds landings it might be significant lower.
So the average of XPs per landing says nothing without the other parameters like aircraft typ, time of the day, weather conditions, …

While most of those parameters vary over time, you couldn‘t Bild a average that could seriously compared.

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Laura wrote some years ago it’s like the recipe of Coca Cola, a secret.
But check out this post from Levet:


Didn’t know night landings had a higher xp but thanks and thanks for the link too

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When you say average XP, does this mean the average XP gained for landings measured over every possible wind condition, touch-down vertical speed, measured for every aircraft type in IF?

Of did you just divide your total XP / total landings?

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What i have noticed is; i usually was gaining average of 600 xp and after 19.1 update it has reached to more than 800 xp. I usually do same flight but i guess some algorithms have been changed. Am i right? Same flight EGLL-EHAM, same route, same distance, same weight, same fuel, same movements but more xp. There is plus 200 xp.

About 10 XP is generated per minute of flying, and the best way to gain XP from landings is in a small, single prop plane at night, witch a crosswind, and do very tight pattern work. Touch and goes are the best for racking up those landings too!

Happy flying!

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it doesn’t depend on the average, I just do the pattern in several places and it can be different !

I just divided my XP to the amount of landings I had, minus the flight time xp

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