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Do you get less XP on casual than training? I’m wanting to do a long haul where I would only be around for the first and last hour, and have seen all the horror stories of people getting 200 violations when they run out of fuel.

Would you recommend doing it on casual or training?

XP stays the same no matter which server you’re on, though each server has advantages. I’d recommend Training/Expert server because I thrive for realism, just pack a bit more fuel to be safe ;)

Casual Server:

  • No violations ( that means you can crash and still be safe )


  • You have ATC ( will boost realism of your flight )
  • You can get violations if you fly to fast or crash.

What would you say the chances would be of a crash? The flight is planned in SimBrief and I use Inflight Assistant for the step climbs.

I also use SimBrief, I’ve been flying even before Global was out and I’ve never had to divert. It’s a great website, though I usually add 20 minutes just in case I’ve overslept or there’s a lot of traffic because of FNF.

So as stated above XP is same on all. Here is another way you can view servers:
Casual: You can do whatever you want, stunts, over speed, troll, crash for fun, whatever you’d like.

Training: ATC is added in (untrained and May mis pattern you, but it’s “training”), you can get violations for going over 250 under 10,000. You can not get violations for speeding on taxiway, unless you’re over 250 kts. People can troll without punishment, they’ll just be shamed upon.
Pilots are advised to listen to atc, sometimes they don’t, but that’s people being people.

Expert: a huge step up from training server, I advise you go watch some videos and or practice atc understanding. This is based on real life, just with configurations in place. ( 100% you’ll get consistent atc ).


Yeah I’ve flown on VATSIM before and have done hundreds of flights in IF, I’ve just never done a long haul before. I just don’t want to get banned from the expert server for a year because I crash and was wandering how likely that is to happen.

Don’t worry you won’t be banned from anything for crashing, you can only have violations. Long hauls are awesome and it’s a good way to get XP and flight time, it’s really cool when you wake up in the morning and land your flight which was flying all night. Long hauls is one of my favorite parts of Infinite Flight!

Majority of your XP is going to come from the landing itself. Cruising XP is very little compared to landing. Obviously if you are doing an 18 hour flight the XP will add up.

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There are stories of people who get 200 violations from a crash and unless they fix their landing to violation ratio they can’t play even training for a year.

This is a known issue that surfaced with this update, it should only be a max of 6 violations. It was an issue caused by fixing another issue.

The game should kick you out after 6 violations. I’ve fallen asleep with too high of a speed, and at some point it crashed after 6 violations of overspeeding.


I thought that too but earlier today I saw a post about someone getting 270 violations, although I can’t find it now.

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It’s there, we just made it a PM to investigate.
The issue is being investigated now :)


Well, as Seb and Chris said, its a known issue, and they’re fixing it. As for crashing, if you do everything right, you have a %0.001 chance of crashing (don’t quote me on that) Once your at cruise, your pretty much safe. Plus, you have profesional ATC (on Expert) who can help you all the way.

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When I fly long haul I too always use a combination of Simbrief (actually FLTPTOIF.COM with Simbrief option) and IFA for use of step climbs, on my long haul flights on expert and never had a problem. I always use the fuel that simbrief recommends, so that i have good reserves of fuel (usually go for +10% + 30m mins fuel as a rule of thumb) and the flight time is usually within a few minutes of what it is calulates to be. I normally set my self an alarm to go off about 30mins before TOD so that I have time to check and reset my arrival plan if needed for traffic or change in weather.

If you are experinced of flying longhaul with VATSIM then should not expect any issues. Good luck and happy landings!

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Usually make my fp’s in SimBrieif then put them into https://fpltoif.com because I often fly irl routes, so I try and get the SimBrief route as close as possible.

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