XP Not Full

I have done a flight from London Gatwick to Bermuda. I only received 1,000 of the xp when it said i earned 4,000. Even today, i did a flight from Amsterdam to London City. Said i earned 400 xp and only gave me 100. What should i do?

Have you restarted your app?

Yes! And Nothing!

Your XP is updated within a couple of minutes intervals during your flights.

So, if you’re referring to that it says (for example) “XP amount: 400” but only seems to add 100XP on your total counter, it’s perfectly normal.

What you should be looking at, is the exact number you had before you started the flight and then compare with the number it says it added together with your new total amount after a flight.

If that made any sense… :)


how do i look?

and i am almost certain i had around 30,000 xp before my 7 hour flight. and now im only at 31,000.

Take note of how much you had before the flight and then check after. Sometimes a restart might be required to see the correct amount.