XP missing

I am grade 3 and had 50,000 xp and worked very hard to get there, I logged on to my infinite flight account to play on the expert server and it said I was grade 1. All of my xp was lost/missing, does anyone know what I can do?

Make sure that you are signed on the right account
Uninstall and reinstall the game
Exit out of the game and open the game back
Make sure your pro didnt run out


I have done all of that though it is still not working, it has all of my hours, violations, and landings. My xp just disappeared, any other solutions?

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Maybe just do a quick flight on casual to see if that fixes it otherwise @schyllberg will have to look at it

I have another quick qeustion;
Do you get more xp with a higer grade or isnt the grade involved with this?

Same amount. Grade doesn’t matter.

@Plnelovr - send me a PM with your latest callsign and display name and I’ll have a look asap.