XP Levels

Does anyone know what routes give the most XP?

XP isn’t determined by route. You can rack up a lot with any long flight or gusty landings.

It couts in solo as well right?

No. It doesn’t.

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Patterns in windy conditions helps the most. 30 minutes of patterns could give you a bunch of xp.

Would you happen to know where some of the windiest places are?

You could use badbadweather.com

For loads of XP info, see here (in the comments)!

Pattern work ? I believe also gives u tons of xp :) I think

If you land a ton of times you get a lot of xp.
@DiamondGaming4 is it true that you get more xp for gusty landings an if so what do the winds need to be like?

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Basically, the harder it is to land, the more XO you get.

Oh ok makes sense, thanks.

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