XP is not matching after flight

I just finished another flight this time from KPHL and I have noticed my XP keeps going backwards. I know I am a horrible pilot for loving the 787 and always flying it but I don’t think my XP should go down for that 🤪

The flight ended w/ my OVERALL XP for the sim w/ 3,330,430 then went to 3,333,991 but when I check my OVERALL XP it’s lower w/ 3,333,989. I never received the full amount and I did not use flight resume.

Thanks @EGhossein and @black for ATC at KPHL!


Give it some time to update. This might be problem with the Base 10 system but I’m not sure.

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@schyllberg your thoughts?

It looks like that sessions had a few disconnects.
So the summary might not be 100% accurate due to that.

3,333,989 XP is what you actually had after that flight


Thanks for your help, time and patience!