XP Help

Hi, I’ve been play IF for a while now and I only need 2000 more XP until I can go on the advanced server. Could someone please tell me the quickest way to earn XP. Thanks.

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Touch and Goes my friend :)

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Ok thanks. I’ll go Oshkosh because there are so many close airports.

imageThanks so much guys. I’m earning XP so much faster.

How many touch & goes were that?

Touch And Goes definitely. I normally get 1hr 30min + 1000XP from doing a whole circuit of a map, in accordance to my FPL

That was about 5 at the same airport

I found a good airport where you can do 2 landings in 1 min

To be honest, I fly because of multiplayer and don’t really care about XP. As long as you obey ATC, that’s all we can ask :D

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