XP / flight-time ratio

When you fly, and gain ‘experience’, do you go for the flight time, of for the XP’s?

If you want a higher grade, you need t increase both, but if appears for a Grade ‘promotion’, hours are more important than XP.

To become a Grade 2 you need 1000 XP and 1 hour flight-time. The XP/time ratio is 1000, an admirable ratio if you ask me.
A Grade 3 needs 40,000 XP / 10 hours = ratio of 4000, which is …well, let’s see how good that is…
Grade 4 needs 75,000 XP / 50 hours = ratio of 1500.
Grade 5 needs 150,000 / 250 = ratio of 600.

XP is calculated by a misterious, no doubt complex formula and is some sort of indication on your flying skills (please don’t shoot me!).

But it appears that the higher your grade, the lower the ratio between eXPerience and flight time. What does this say about the Grade 5 ;-)

I have a habit of keeping my total XP/flight-time ratio > 1000. I thought that was pretty impressive. But it’s nothing compared to the ratio of 4000 that a Grade 3 needs achieve!

New Grade 3’s…what did you achieve first, the 40,000XP, or the 10 hours flight time?


P.S the frst one who mentions the word ‘global’ in a reply, ows everyone a free drink ;-)


I achieved the flight time and 10,000 XP back in the day when that was the limits. Then I grinded my way up to 40,000


I suppose it depends on the flight. Somedays, I go for XP, and other days I, believe it or not, go for landings. Which don’t record on our grade table. But using LiveFlight, I get a beginning number and a few moments after my “session” is complete, I look to see what the end number is. I took this screenshot 2 days ago after spending 53 minutes in the pattern.

At this rate you can get to a Grade 3 status in about 7 hours, if all you did was extremely tight patterns.


But when Global comes out…



Don’t worry too much about XPs, but you should worry about the flight times and most importantly, your landings. This is the best time to increase your landings because when Global comes, you will gain more flight time than landings. If you are aiming for a higher grade, I suggest that you work on your flight time first. After that, work on your landings. Finally, work on your XPs.


[quote=“CannedAviation, post:5, topic:109529”]
Don’t worry too much about XPs, but you should worry about the flight times and most importantly, your landings.
[/quote] Exactly

Knowing how to sit on autopilot for a three hour flight around SoCal should not be rewarded. Landing, especially crosswind landings, that is where the XP is at.


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77000 points to not even 100 hours

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How did you manage that?
Hours of crosswind patterns?

I did that very early on in FFS

Does it matter what Aircraft you use? I use the Cessna because of the tight turns I can take. Will a larger AC give you more XP?

I haven’t experimented with that yet. I’ve always used the 208. Pretty maneuverable, and fast.

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I should give that one a shot. The Cessna is too slow! The 172 anyways.

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