XP Farming

How do you XP Farm? I’m trying to get Grade 3 currently and I’ve been embarking on 6+ hour flights to get XP. Is it better to do that or to find an airport like EGLL or KLAX and just do constant touch and goes between the parallel runways?

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Three words:
Touch and Goes.


Touch and goes is the easiest way, my way is doing extremely tight patterns in a spitfire in casual in an airport with parallels like LHR or LAX.

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And yes, EGLL or KLAX work well, flip a 180 off the end of the runway and line up with the next.

Do you have to slow down to below a certain speed for it to count?

Can you do more than 1 touch and go on the same runway on one pass? Or does it not count?

There is like 300000 topics on this forum covering how to get XP the quickest way. Try searching ;)