XP Farming suggestions

Hello. I purchased the 1 month prescription to see if infinite flight’s 1 year prescription is worth it. My only problem is I would like to experience the expert server. I only have 1 week before my 1 month prescription expires. Is their any suggestions for me to get xp really fast.

Thanks, Josh

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Do tight pattern work with tough and go’s!


Do touch and gos, then you get lots of landings as well as lots of XP

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Welcome to the community!

Some tips on gaining XP is Landing In winds… i forget the rest but yeah, Crosswind Landings are a booster


I would recommend flying long-hauls for XP

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Also remember, don’t just go on expert because you can. Make sure you know what your doing so watch some videos in #tutorials or on the IF YouTube channel.


To help you do this quicker, pick a light aircraft like the TBM and choose an airport with lots of runways like KORD or EHAM, that way, you can dive bomb and bank hard to land on all the runways! it’s super unrealistic but on casual can be very fun and is very quick in racking up landings/do.

Is their a flight you would recommend me flying. I was thinking about doing EGLL- YSSY.

You can fly every flight you want. I wouldn’t reccomend doing very long flights, as your device might crash

Any flight that suits your time is good. To quickly get landings is do touch and goes at a large airport with 2+ runways.

Remember the servers:

Causal: no limits
Training: system violations, ATC free to everyone.
Expert: skilled in-game ATC, capable to kick you off the server if you don’t follow their instructions.


I got a good Rx for you! Lots of landings, bed rest while doing patterns, A cup of hot chocolate, and fuzzy slippers to keep your feet warm while you do long haul flights! I would like a folow up in a week to see how we are doing! Welcome to the community!

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