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Hi again
I’m sorted out my last problem but still I’m wondering about earned XP , I made two flights to compare and 1st-9’ @227XP &2nd 35’ @ 471 XP . How XP is counting , shorts flight get more earned then long flight ? Flight on Cirrus

Well, did you land more on the first one? Were conditions tougher? Did you fly manually more on the one? I mean, any number of things can contribute.

Some probably have figured it out, but considering they mean virtually nothing once you’ve achieved grade three, it’s kind of like your 22nd birthday and beyond: meh.


Another thing is, that’s not really that long of a flight. When we say long flights, we mean flights that are around 8+ hours long. These are the flights that will accrue an XP value in the thousands.

My tip is, do an overnighter every night, and land when you wake up in the morning. You can easily get about 50k XP a week, if you do a long haul every night.


As a rough guide, for every 1min of flight time you earn 10XP. Every landing you get about 100 XP. However if you have a tricky cross wind landing you get more XP!

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Yes I aware of rough earned but looks like there are some difference and hard to predict how much I get every flight.
Many thanks for help and safe flight.
See you in the air ;-)


You earn 10xp for 1 minute of flying, but landings also contribute, did you do more landings on one than the other?

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Yes, most the time I flying between airports .

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Just for compare with my , some crew member shows his XP earned for 20min fly

Yet again, that doesn’t show whether it was 20 minutes of flying with one landing or 20 minutes of flying with 20 landings.

The sim doesn’t know you. There is a set algorithm that applies to everyone. It isn’t in conspiracy against you.


Ok many thanks for reply. Brgd

XP means absolutely nothing.

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