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What gives XP in IF? like when you’re flying do you get XP for every NM you fly or like a set of amount of points for landings and takeoffs with or without ATC?

This might give you more information.


Do you know if the landing XP decreases the longer the flight is?

I don’t think so, that would be weird.

So how come you get 150XP on a 1 hour and 30 min flight but 100XP on a 2 hour and 50 min flight?

The weather (like how much crosswind you had) has effect on the rate.

oh never thought of that. thought it might have something with where you land on the runway.

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You shouldn’t get 100XP for 1 hour flight. You will get more XP when it is windy, that’s why you should find windy places to do patterns.

Will the appr effect it you think?

What do you mean? Using Appr? Or having an approach frequency open?

You won’t get the same landing XP with APPR activated as you would get with landing manually; you receive a partial credit per say so you would get 100XP with APPR activated or with a crosswind you could get 200-300XP landing manually with a crosswind. There are also other factors for landing XP such as landing weight, how centered you are with the centerline, how much crosswind is there and how close you land to the touch down zone.

Also in the algorithm linked above you receive 10XP per minute of flight. That’s 600XP for every hour of time spent from wheels off the runway to back on the runway. Taxi time does not factor into XP accrual.

Ok thank you. does the algorithm also count if you land and takeoff from the same airport?

Yup, you can do circuits (pattern work) at one airfield and every landing will count. :)

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