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I just finished a flight from YSSY Sydney to RJTT Tokyo, It was a 9 hours and 20 mins flight and a pretty good one. At the end of the flight, I was awarded some 5400 XP. It was in a Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner aircraft. The landing was missed once so I had to implement a missed approach and then the second attempt was an amazing landing. (Because I used APPR :P)

I finished as per the rules, parked at a gate, turned off all the engines and I was expecting to be awarded at least 10000 points. But was given only 5400 something or less (I couldn’t remember the exact figure).

Now the exact reason of expecting more XP is:
I did a flight day before yesterday from New York KJFK to Los Angeles KLAX. It was a 7 hours and 37 mins flight and it was an okay flight. I landed on my own and it was an okay landing. At the end of the flight, I was awarded around 9000 something XP.

I have two queries as below and a request to see if we can add these features in IF (or if they are present already, can someone please help me know how to access them)

  1. How to track the points awarded from the log book.
  2. Break down of the points awarded and the reason.

This will help us with more transparency, motivate fellow game pilots to improve what they lack, encourage to keep doing the good parts.

Hoping for a positive response


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Firstly it’s XP not points.

  • More XP is awarded depending on how smooth the landing is aswell as the conditions when you were landing.

This post by Levet clears some confusion up about it.

So, you can get a decent estimate before you end the flight just by using some of these algorithms. But it would be nice to have an ‘i’ icon that you can tap on to see the breakdown of what you got for each part.


To add to what @Marshall_J said, quality of your landing is counted as well. Over -500fpm in cam wind conditions gives you 90xp. -300 to -500 gives you 100xp. -150 to -0fpm leads to 150xp. Also you get additional 5xp per every 5kts of wind. Turbulence is another 10xp * the level of turbulence.

Your XP breakdown seems quite weird to me because it doesn’t equate at all:
7h37m gives you 457*10=4570XP per flight + 4430XP per landing??? Doesn’t make sence
Check that you’ve recorder it right:)

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Thank you for correcting me. I edited the post.

I remember the XP i received was in 9000s.

I see. I will go through and try to understand the algorithm.

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Man, 9k? That’s sick. Are u sure?

Don’t forget if you had any connection issues or a drop in signal during your flight, you won’t get any xp for these drops in signal if I’m correct in my thinking

Just downright impossible. 1min= 10XP that is established on here. 7hrs 60min= 420+47min=46710=4670XP With a baseline landing generating 110XP (im being generous here) you would only get 4780XP. It is impossible to get 9000XP from a nearly 8 hour flight without performing around 40-50 landings on top of the flight time.

So 9hr *60/hr= 5400XP so you received what is normal on your 9 hour flight (minus the time you were not in app flying)

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Well, if only there was a log to confirm that.

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