Xp and long flight hours logging

I am just curious about the leaderboard’s. Could you please explain how someone can get around 42 hours of flight times in a 24 hour span? I flew from Düsseldorf to Hyderabad and was flying back to Chicago and I could only log 12 hours and 7000 xp. I know that there is a complex calculation for XP But I still would love to understand how some of the flights simmers get huge XP’s and flight times.

Thanx for answering.

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To my understanding, it looks at how many hours you did when you ended the session. And if you did 42hrs and that session ended today, it will show that you flew for 42hrs the last 24hrs. Not a flawless design for sure, but it was made pre-Global and I don’t think anyone have looked at it since.


👆🏻 What he said, the system hasn’t been looked at while different bugs and server issues were being ironed out. That teamed with the DC10/MD11 update and everything that brings with it will drop this way down the priority list.

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