XP and Landing not count

I flew 2x on the expert server but I didn’t get xp and landing, I attached my xp below.
And also I tried again 1x landing and still my xp didn’t come in/wasn’t calculated. How is this? is there any solution?

Hey @hahadhitya, did you try restarting your app or device and then checking to see if your stats are updated?

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Yeah, I have tried to restart and delete the application data, but it still doesn’t update for XP and landing.

I tried this again after restarting, still no change.

Same is happening to me as well

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Same happens to me

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Same here as well! Infact, the app did not add my atc ops and also didn’t show controlling time after I closed.


We’ve found an issue regarding this that should be fixed now.
The stats were recorded properly, but a cache that had to do with the grade table itself were not updating properly.

Just verified it myself :)


If your stats are wrong, give it 10 minutes, we’re re-calculating the grade table for affected users


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