XP and Hours after disconnection

Hi everyone.

So I am on vacation and to not waste my Pro subscription I decided to do long-haul overnight flights.

The problem is that by now I don’t have access to WiFi so I use a hotspot from my mom’s phone (she has a 50GB plan so no big deal).

So yesterday I reached cruise and went to sleep.

Today I woke up and the flight was merely 2 hours from destination, however my mom’s phone discharged and went off, so I may have flown solo in the past 4/5 hours.

I managed to pick up my mom’s phone, put it on charge, turn it on, and switch on the hotspot again, so now I am %100 connected with all the checks green.

My question is:

Will those offline hours and XP count, although it wasn’t connected at the time?

The XP and the flight hours are unfortunately not counted. As long as you are disconnected from the live server, no XP, flight hours or landings are counted.


Yup. XP and hours only count in the Live server. It also should say at the end of your flight if you got those a XP points or not.


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