XP amount

So I have recently noticed that my XP doesn’t match my flight time, my amount of landings and and my ghosting.

It seems you’re missing only your XP.

Just do a whole bunch of landings at an airport with challenging crosswinds. That will build your XP fast. If you want to locate a crosswind airport fast, use:




In what way do you mean it doesn’t match? 1hr flying doesn’t mean 1000XP, it’s a lot of different parameters that accounts for the XP you accumulate :)

Adding on to @schyllberg, if you’re curious to know how XP works, use this topic (the comments below)

Cheers! 😉

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THANK YOU. That is a great website.

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But my flight time is 35 and the grade 3 requirements are about 10 flight time

But you don’t have the XP required, as mentioned before :)

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Oh I get it now. Thanks for helping me

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