XMas Break celebration - @ KBOS - 212030ZDEC18 (ended)

Ok, are you gonna tell me the information now?

Ok I will probably first fly in from Laconia KLCI in a delta 737 or some narrow body aircraft then fly in a delta a330 or 767 to Amsterdam or if there is another event that airport the callsign will be delta 2727 and the name will be SPB2727 skyteam

You’re gate E08

Do we have any more contestants?

Sign me up for South Cargo 2 Fedex MD-11 to KJFK

What is the flight number?

Your now South Cargo 08

Flight number? As in real life

Terminal A Gate 1, United 737-9, United 857 to KDFW

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You’ve been added.

GA01 please call sign N228AD to KJFK