XMas Break celebration - @ KBOS - 212030ZDEC18 (ended)

To celebrate the holidays, I want to do a flyout of my Hometown Airport, Boston General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport in Boston, MA. The destination airport is your choice, however you MAY NOT remain in the pattern. This is because it will impeed traffic and interfer with ATC. Fact: Remaining in the pattern means you are going to take off, loop the airport and land at the same runway you took of from. Instead, use the direction your departing to. If your destination airport is to the west, you say “departing west”.

Server: Training

Time: December 21st, 2018 3:30 PM EST
Comment below to register for the flyout. Let me know your Aircraft, Destination, Call sign and Airline(if applicable) and let me know if you’ll be Commercial, General Aviatoin (E. G. Cessna, Cirrus), Cargo, Cape Air or Military. If you want to request a gate apoun registering, please tell me the gate. I will verify if it is within your category.

To register for ATC, let me know what Position(s) you’re taking. Automatic terminal information service DOES NOT WORK IN TRAINING SERVER Note: if you take 2 position, you can only be Tower & Ground or Approach & Departure.

Apoun register, i will tag you in a reply assigning you your gate/standpoint. You’re allowed to request ANY available open stand that corresponds to you’re flight category. First come first serve. You are allowed to trade stands with others as long as they are ok with it.

No international flights can request any gate outside of Terminal E. Aer Lingus departures cannot request any gate outside of Terminal C.

General Aviation

GA 01:
GA 02:
GA 03:
GA 04:
GA 05:
GA 06:
GA 07:
GA 08:
GA 09:
GA 10:
GA 11:
GA 12:
GA 13:
GA 14:
GA 15:
GA 16:
GA 17:
GA 18:
GA 19:
GA 20:
GA 21:
GA 22:
GA 23:
GA 24:
GA 25:
GA 26:
GA 27:
GA 28:
GA 29
GA 30:
GA 31:
GA 32:
GA 33:
GA 34:


North Cargo 01:
North Cargo 02:
North Cargo 03:
North Cargo 03W:
North Cargo 04:
North Cargo 04W:
North Cargo 05:
North Cargo 05A:
North Cargo 06:
North Cargo 06W:
North Cargo 07:
North Cargo 08:
North Cargo 09:
North Cargo 10:
North Cargo 11:
North Cargo 12 (H7):
North Cargo 12A (H6):
North Cargo 13 (H5):
North Cargo 13A (H4):
North Cargo 14 (DHL Express):
North Cargo 15:
North Cargo 16 (UPS Airlines):
North Cargo 17 (UPS Airlines):
North Cargo 18:
North Cargo 18 (H8):
North Cargo 18 (H12):
North Cargo 18A:
North Cargo 19:
North Cargo 19 (H9):
North Cargo 19 (H10):
North Cargo 19 (H11):
North Cargo 19A:
North Cargo 20:
North Cargo 20A:
North Cargo 21:
North Cargo 22:
South Cargo 08 (FedEx Express): @BadPlane (McDonnell Douglas MD-11) FedEx [KJFK] FedEx
South Cargo 09 (FedEx Express):
South Cargo 10 (FedEx Express):
South Cargo 11 (FedEx Express):
South Cargo 12 (FedEx Express):
South Cargo 13A (FedEx Feeder):
South Cargo 13B (FedEx Feeder):
South Cargo 14 (FedEx Express):


Hardstand 14A:
Hardstand 14B:
Hardstand 14C:
Hardstand 14D:
Hardstand 14E:
Hardstand 14F:
Hardstand 14G:
Hardstand 14H:
Hardstand 14I:
Hardstand 14J:
Hardstand 14K:
Hardstand 14L:
Hardstand 14M:

Cape Air Pods

Cape Air 01:
Cape Air 02:
Cape Air 03: @hi15td (Cessna 208 Caravan) Cair 1833 [KBHB] Cape Air
Cape Air 04:
Cape Air 05:
Cape Air 06:
Cape Air 07:
Cape Air 08:
Cape Air 09:
Cape Air 10:
Cape Air 11:
Cape Air 12:
Cape Air 13:

Terminal A

Terminal A Gate 01: @BlueAcidball (Boeing 737-900) United 857 [KDFW] United Airlines
Terminal A Gate 02:
Terminal A Gate 03:
Terminal A Gate 04:
Terminal A Gate 05:
Terminal A Gate 05A:
Terminal A Gate 06:
Terminal A Gate 07:
Terminal A Gate 07A:
Terminal A Gate 08:
Terminal A Gate 09:
Terminal A Gate 10:
Terminal A Gate 11:
Terminal A Gate 12:
Terminal A Gate 13:
Terminal A Gate 14:
Terminal A Gate 14A:
Terminal A Gate 15:
Terminal A Gate 16:
Terminal A Gate 17:
Terminal A Gate 18:
Terminal A Gate 19:
Terminal A Gate 20:
Terminal A Gate 21:
Terminal A Gate 22:

Terminal B

Terminal B Gate 01:
Terminal B Gate 01A:
Terminal B Gate 02:
Terminal B Gate 02A:
Terminal B Gate 03:
Terminal B Gate 03A:
Terminal B Gate 04:
Terminal B Gate 05:
Terminal B Gate 06:
Terminal B Gate 07:
Terminal B Gate 08:
Terminal B Gate 08A:
Terminal B Gate 09A:
Terminal B Gate 09B:
Terminal B Gate 09C:
Terminal B Gate 10:
Terminal B Gate 11:
Terminal B Gate 12:
Terminal B Gate 13:
Terminal B Gate 14:
Terminal B Gate 15:
Terminal B Gate 16:
Terminal B Gate 17:
Terminal B Gate 18:
Terminal B Gate 19:
Terminal B Gate 20:
Terminal B Gate 21:
Terminal B Gate 22:
Terminal B Gate 23:
Terminal B Gate 24:
Terminal B Gate 25:
Terminal B Gate 26:
Terminal B Gate 27:
Terminal B Gate 28:
Terminal B Gate 29:
Terminal B Gate 30:
Terminal B Gate 31:
Terminal B Gate 32:
Terminal B Gate 33:
Terminal B Gate 34:
Terminal B Gate 35:
Terminal B Gate 36:
Terminal B Gate 37:
Terminal B Gate 38:

Terminal C

Terminal C Gate 01:
Terminal C Gate 02:
Terminal C Gate 03:
Terminal C Gate 04:
Terminal C Gate 05:
Terminal C Gate 06:
Terminal C Gate 07:
Terminal C Gate 08:
Terminal C Gate 09:
Terminal C Gate 10:
Terminal C Gate 11:
Terminal C Gate 12:
Terminal C Gate 13:
Terminal C Gate 14:
Terminal C Gate 15:
Terminal C Gate 16:
Terminal C Gate 17:
Terminal C Gate 18:
Terminal C Gate 19:
Terminal C Gate 20:
Terminal C Gate 21:
Terminal C Gate 22:
Terminal C Gate 23:
Terminal C Gate 24:
Terminal C Gate 25: @pilot0674 (Airbus A321) AT1459N [KCPR] JetBlue
Terminal C Gate 26:
Terminal C Gate 27:
Terminal C Gate 28:
Terminal C Gate 29:
Terminal C Gate 30:
Terminal C Gate 31:
Terminal C Gate 32:
Terminal C Gate 33:
Terminal C Gate 34:
Terminal C Gate 35:
Terminal C Gate 36:
Terminal C Gate 37:
Terminal C Gate 38:
Terminal C Gate 39:
Terminal C Gate 40:
Terminal C Gate 41:
Terminal C Gate 42:

Terminal E (International)

Terminal E Gate E01:
Terminal E Gate E01A:
Terminal E Gate E01B:
Terminal E Gate E02:
Terminal E Gate E02A:
Terminal E Gate E03:
Terminal E Gate E04:
Terminal E Gate E05:
Terminal E Gate E06:
Terminal E Gate E07:
Terminal E Gate E08: @SPB2727_Skyteam (Boeing 767-200) Delta 2727 [EHAM] *Delta"
Terminal E Gate E09:
Terminal E Gate E10:
Terminal E Gate E11:
Terminal E Gate E12: @Jonas05 (Boeing 747-400) BAVA228 [EGLL] British Airways

Air Traffic Control

General Edward Ground (121.90): @DiamondGaming4
General Edward Tower (128.80): @DiamondGaming4
Boston Departure (133.00): @Matthew_20204
Boston Approach (118.25): @Matthew_20204

20 Attendants

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You should say MUST NOT because of what you say later in the thread.

Also 1530 eastern times is 2030Z, so you should update your title or your thread.

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hi please sign me up for terminal E any gate

I’ll be Ground and Tower

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Airline, callsign, aircraft and destination please?

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Sure thing

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destination EGLL callsign BAVA228 Boeing 747 400 or Boeing 777 200er

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Ill try to make it, C208 to KBHB callsign will be Cair 1833 in a cape air pod

I would suggest E12, that is the BA gate at Boston

ok thank you

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What’s the airline?

please sign me up for gate E12

British airways virtual

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Thank you se you at the event

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Your at Cape Air 03. Is Cair your airline for this flight?

Cair is Cape Air’s callsign

I will be Departure and Approach for ATC

Sign me up please

Please sign up correctly

I will try my best to join it looks fun

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