XJetQuiz: Iran Air's tehran-london aircraft

Which aircraft does operate the IranAir Tehran-London non-stop flight
Answer in the comments
-Airbus A306
-Boeing 74S (747SP)
-Boeing 742
-Fokker F100
NOTE:we are using the comments so we can figure out who won to award him or her.
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742 is my guess

My Answer:

  • Airbus A306

74s possibly

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I think it’s an A306.

B742 is way too large for this route (If you compare it With AF’s A332 on CDG-IKA). While there’s Only one B74S in their fleet, and used for IKA-KUL route. So My answer goes to Airbus A306 ;)

I’m Iranian so I should know this… But I don’t… Guessing time!

A306 is the best possible answer.

A306 is my guess!

I’m quite sure I’ve spotted their A300-600s flying this route on Flightradar24.


Airbus A300-600.

Fokker 100 doesn’t have the range at all, 747-200 is now retired, 747SP is retired.

IIRC the IR A306s make a stopover in central Europe for fuel before finishing off the journey to London?

I’d say an Airbus A300-6

Relative size is not a good metric to measure aircraft requirements. Air Canada flies A320 series aircraft from Vancouver to New York, Cathay Pacific flies Boeing 777-300ERs. Both airlines are doing pretty well on the route.


B74S is still being used on IKA-KUL route ;) Though they only have EP-IAC before it fully retired. While B742 is now retired.

IR’s A306 made a stopover on Milan IIRC before they were heading to London. Though Unknown for me if they’re still making a stopover once the sanctions lifted

I wish they used the Boeing 742 and Boeing 747SP more… Such old aircraft and expensive to run but unusual to see these days!

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I think IranAir is one of the last operators of B74S and B742 (Passenger version)

A306, I saw it there 2 weeks ago and here’s some proof from a mate of mine

A306 duh. They might as well use them till they can’t go anymore.

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Yes they are.

Or until their new aircraft come in.

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