Xian H-6

The Xian H-6 is a licence-built version of the Soviet Tupolev Tu-16 twin-engine jet bomber, it is currently in operation with the Chinese Air Force who operate around 120 of these aircraft, would be nice to see this in the game sometime
Photo credit: en.avia.pro/blog/xian-h-6


Not a fan, sorry


Would be an interesting addition, however there are other planes that should be added first.


Unusual aircraft, would like to see this! But not everyone filling the region and flying it in Socal TS1.

Nice Aircraft . But please put the origins of the photo.


Not to burst your bubble with all the licensing stuff, but I couldn’t find any reuse license associated with this image. I couldn’t find this image on google images (with a license) and the source you provided does not have any terms or licensing info anywhere I could easily find. While this probably falls under fair use, I am not a lawyer, nor am I familiar with Russian copyright laws. You may want to consider using this image. (Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0)

On the jet:
I really like the plane, it kind of reminds me of the U2, wide wings with a skinny fuselage. Also, it has turrets on-board! I’m also fan of the swept wings.

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Ugh 😑! So ugly!