Xiamen to Xi’an

And there it goes! A Xiamen 787 from Singapore all the way to Xi’an, China. While the captain had hockey practice the plane flies steady on course. When the captain came back it was time to descend (and eat his dinner real quick). After a stunning approach it was time to land the aircraft. But the speeds were too low, so he made a spectacular go around (not really, but adding dramatic effects) so he could try again.
There he was, second try. Just him and the runway. The aircraft landed safely and taxied to parking safely parking next to, the one, the only @GameBoy_KIRB.
Well, that was my flight summed up in a dramatic story. The flight itself was quite nice (only been there during climb and descend).
After the flight I made some pictures and I got this letter:

So just so you know, they aren’t approved by anyone :)

Flight Details

Route 🧭: Singapore (WSSS) 🇸🇬 - Xi’an (ZLXY) 🇨🇳
Aircraft ✈️: Xiamen Airlines 787-8
Flight time ⏰: 4 hours and 40 minutes


Takeoff, with @cooperdjones lining up bound for Newark

Following the SID

Officially setting course to Xiamen

Cruisin’ over China

Moonshot 🌝

Approach over beautiful Chinese mountains

A nice silhouette of the aircraft

The go around, eventually made it to the ground safely

Well, thanks for viewing!
If you read everything here is a nice little cookie 🍪, enjoy!
But uhm, I really want to thank you for viewing and I wish you a wonderful rest of your day ☀️


Imagine not having you photos Soohas approved.

Awesome photos!


@Suhas should be punished for saying that 😡

Nice photos! These are spetacular!

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Or NoahM approved🥲

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Nice photos of metal borb

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Thank you, lol

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This happens to me so often, you estimate your ETE to avoid descending when you have to have dinner or lunch, and then…boom you have to have dinner when you start descending (and then speedrun to Make the perfect approach)

Awesome pictures @Infinite_Qantas!

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LIke the Xiamen Air’s color!
Glad you had a great time flying in China!

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Amazing pictures @Infinite_Qantas

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The moonshot it’s amazing @Infinite_Qantas ;)


Tank yu

Nice shots!

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Lol, had to cycle quick back home to make it😝

@FlightGT yeah, China’s scenery is awesome

Thank you @BayoMan 😄, and happy birthday to you!

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@Aviation108 hope you enjoyed 😁


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Happy Birthday @BayoMan!

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Thanks man !

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