Xiamen Airlines Boeing 787-9

I’m surprised I haven’t seen any requests for it. It’s a very beautiful livery image

  • Yes, it looks lovely
  • I don’t really care. It’s okay
  • No, it’s horrible

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Hmm that didn’t show up when I searched for it, maybe I didn’t see it…

What if I switched it to a -9 😁

It is being made. I don’t believe there is a features request for it

Hmm yah…

The Xiamen 787-900 doesn’t exist I think these features it’s not important even if the airlines doesn’t have or older the 787-900 .

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there are orders for 6 of the -9

Hmm 😒 but they don’t flow yet . like airlines they can change there decisions in any time to switch to another airplane . And can u changed please in the tops u can write like the older or waiting for the 787-9 thanks . And please can you give as a link @DiamondFlight1011.

That’s the -8 this is the -9 so is not duplicate bro

He changed the tittle

Oh okay sorry bro

What link?

They like of the older other the pic so we can get more info because I can’t find these info you posted .

sorry, im still confused, can you re word what youre trying to say?

It’s good now thanks

We have the -8 , don’t really want this one

I would like this livery in the 787-9…the livery is fine for me.

What a beatiful livery and aircraft!

Would love to see it on the B789 :)

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Can we keep this thread or make a new one?